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Posted by More on April 28, 2002 at 21:21:53:
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Yes the tank is too high. Your local Department of Safety and Health will recommend 18 inches of dirt cover minimum 24 inches preferred over the septic tank and disposal field for many reasons. 1 is for protection ogf the tank from your partying friends parking their SUVs on to of it and breaking into it. 2 is for health and sanitation reasons to keep noxious and toxic and hazardous vapors and gasses from escaping the tank and being released into the atmosphere (it is believed that being buried under 18 inches of soil compression perform that duty). 3 is for prevention of digging and excavation hazard exposing the noxious fumes (digging from kids, animals, and landscaping) 4 is for prevention of rain water or runoff from entering the tank and filling it up and flooding the house.

Your tank was probably installed perfectly well by the Licensed Septic installer, but then the cover was removed by an ambitious landscaper who didn't check the construction plans, drawings and specifications, and created this hazard. You can contact the builder and illustrate that the job superintendent might have missed this fact, and ask the builder to remedy the fill over the tank, and landscape it to support topsoil and green grass.

: How deep should a septic tank be buried? I have recently bought a new house and have trouble keeping the grass above the tank alive. Is this because our tank could be buried too high? It is only about 6 inches from the surface.

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