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Posted by hj on April 28, 2002 at 19:05:00:
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DId you check the drain right at the tub? Did you snake the line? One of those two things will normally cure your problem, unless you have a major defect in the system.

: All drain lines are clean, we took them apart and checked, but the tub still drains so slow that you can't see it happen. The tub is on the first floor with the drain lines in the basement. The line only runs about seven feet to the main and connects after the toilet that flushes very well and before the sink that also drains well. We checked the drop and it is a little over 2 inches over the seven feet. We have run out of ideas and stopped at Home Depot to talk but we only managed to stump them. If you have any sugestions we would be very grateful. Thank You

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