Re: venetian marble Is This REAL ?
Posted by More on April 27, 2002 at 16:25:45:
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Are you SURE your husband supplied you with REAL Venetian Marble? Marble is stone created from the intense heat and pressure from earths crust melting hotter than 1300 degerrs Celcius. Your curling iron won't even reach 400 degrees Ferenheit! It couldn't have scorched Real Marble.
Cultured marble, on the other hand is manufactured using resin at MUCH lower heat and could have been scorched by the curling iron. Don't know where you Live but John Travolta did the same thing, and is aware of Aztec Marble Company 716 South 8th St. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 918-258-4144 and knows They can probably fix it.

You tell your husband you're REALLY mad at him for not being careful enough to specify REAL Venetian Marble for your lovely home!!!!!!!!

: i accidently scorched my venetian marble countertop with my curling iron. i'm really surprised. it has never happened before and i've had the countertop for years. is there anything i can do to get it out? my husband is REALLY mad at me!!!!!!!!

: thanks, lynn

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