How Connect To Bad Threads?
Posted by TomBrooklyn on April 27, 2002 at 12:39:16:

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I have a water pipe leading to my backyard but the stub that comes out of the wall is rotted about 3" past the wall where the hose bib used to be. Is there a way to make up something to this stub? Someone told me that there is a compression type fitting that would work. Is that the solution?
Also, I want to disconnect a 1" unused steam pipe riser that fed one radiator. There is a coupling where I can disconnect it. I am afraid to disconnect it in case the threads are corroded or become damaged. This pipe may be as old as the house which is 95 years. If those threads became unusable for a threaded cap, is there a way to cap this pipe without buying or renting a threading machine? Thanks

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