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Posted by hj on April 27, 2002 at 09:16:42:
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The size of the tank has little relationship to the size of the pump. The size of the tank controls how often the pump comes on to refill it. The size of pump determines how fast the tank will be restored to full volume and shut off. If you are using a volume of water that uses the entire flow from the pump so that the pump does not shut off during the flow, then, for that usage at least, the tank is redundant.

: I have replaced my old well pump from a 1/2 h.p.(11 gpm) to a 3/4 h.p.(19 gpm). I would like to upgrade my old pressure tank to a larger one that's more compatible with the larger pump. First, what size should I upgrade to? Second, what tips, techniques hazards, etc. should I be aware of when I replace it myself. I am mechanically inclined to do this, I just don't want it to escalate into a larger project.

: Thank you,
: John Mozdzierz

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