Re: The Great Toilet Flange Mystery Solved!
Posted by hj on April 27, 2002 at 09:11:23:
In response to Re: The Great Toilet Flange Mystery Solved!
All toilets have an adequate recess to accomodate a flange sitting on top of the floor. If the recess is shallow then a flange mounted higher than the floor may cause it to not sit on the floor, and a very deep recess could require more than two wax rings if the flange is below the floor level. I am not a fan of multiple wax rings and try to make other provisions whenever possible.

: I looked all around the internet to find out the proper level. I've seen every level recommended. Flush with the floor, a little higher than the floor, and a little recessed into the floor. After examing underneath the toilet where the part mates with the flange, I saw that the part is flush with the rest of the toilet body. So, if the flange was a little higher off the floor it could be unsteady and rock and break the wax seal. Even if the flange was flush it might rock in the future. I agree with Terry Love's advice that a little recessed with two wax rings is the way to go. Thanks for the great site Terry.

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