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Posted by More on April 26, 2002 at 23:28:11:
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Are you SURE you want to do this yourself? A LICENSED plumber in your area would love to do it professionally for you and keep you as a happy customer. If you try to do it your wife is going to become very happy to see lots of plumbers traipsing in and out in the next eight months. Tell her she will be showering somewhere else until you get this problem fixed, not to mention the cosmetics in replacing the (USED) tub shower after you've had it stored outside for two months. Get realistic. Realize your limitations. Hire a professional.

: I have water leaking from underneath a fiberglass tub unit. I suspect that the water supply lines are leaking. Since the lines are inaccessable from below, I will probably have to remove the unit. I would appreciate any tips on doing so. This is a fiberglass unit, installed with walls on 3 sides and a skirt facing out. The drain is in the back center. The faucets come up through the tub ledge(rim). The supply lines are flexible tubing (quest?). I will need to disconnect the faucet supply lines and drain from above before removing the unit.

: Thanks

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