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Posted by More on April 26, 2002 at 23:18:20:
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At the bottom of every toilet is a ceramic horn which funnels the waste into the sewer. The base of the toilet has holes on each side which are provided from attachment to a toilet flange. The toilet flange sits atop the sewer line that was 2 inches too low. You look at that sewer line. Is it 4 inch Black heavy wall ABS sewer pipe? Is there a coupling already attached to it, or is it smooth pipe? If it is smooth, you'll need a coupling, some ABS glue, a flange, a wax ring, and about a foot of pipe. Set the flange at floor level, place (but don't glue) the coupling on the low sewer, and measure down to the pipe inside at the coupling notch. subtract a half inch, and cut the pipe. Check for fit so that the flange isn't even a quarter inch higher than finished floor level.If its a good fit, glue it in place. Put a bag over the flange and replace the dirt and compact it, then pour four inches of concrete to match existing, and cut the bag off your flange. Put a wax ring on it, and add the toilet bowl hold down bolts to the flange, and set the toilet upon it.

: When the builders installed the collar for the toilet in the basement, they did so before the final pouring of the slab, so it ended up being about 2 inches below the floor... It has been Dug out, but how would I go about mating a toilet to this? Any ideas?

: Steve
: Snohomish, WA

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