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Posted by More on April 26, 2002 at 23:05:35:
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The pressure assisted toilet pumps pressure water to assist in the flush. When you turned off the water, you relaxed the pressure on the supply valve. When you made the repair, a little bit of sand and foreign debris entered the water line. Some of the debris was pushed to the kitchen and bath sinks, which have large orifice andaerator screens to allow the debris past. The pressure pump in the toilet has no such filter, and also has a much smaller orifice to pass water through, which got grains of sand in it and that pressurized water rushing through that small line restricted even further by the grains of sand produced the screeching, (which finally reduced the size of the sand grains and allowed then through the valve). Now the grains arestuck in the small orifice in the fill valve, and won't let it close off the water flow. Shut off the angle stop to the toilet to make the water flow stop, and try opening and closing it five or six times to see if the pressure and lack of pressure will allow the grains of sand to pass. If not. remove the valve head CAREFULLY, and rinse it free of debris. The flush lever is a different part of the same system, and might be freed by the same method of increased and relaxed pressure to allow the debris to pass.

: Hi, I am hoping that someone here can help us with a toilet problem. We have a Rialto Pressure assisted toilet that was bought in 95'. It has worked fine, up until yesterday when my husband discovered a leak in our front yard. He turned off the water and fixed the leak going from the main and into our house. When he turned the water back on, the toilet started making weird screeching noises. After awhile, the noises stopped. Now, it runs water constantly and when you try to flush the toilet, the lever is hard to push down. Any ideas??
: Thanks in advance,
: Tanya

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