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Posted by More on April 26, 2002 at 22:53:13:
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Sounds like you don't need any help from us,'ve already discovered the problem. If you isolate the hot water heater from the system, and the problem goes away, then you know where the problem is. Fifteen years is a good service life for a water heater. Replace it with another good water heater, and make sure there are no leaks.

: for the last few months we have been hearing water running thru our bathrooms...we tore out the walls in the first bathroom..saw no leaks and replace the walls...we saw a small leak in the water heater connecting pipes, replaced them both..we tore out the walls in the second bathroom..the hot water faucet was leaking, we replaced(still repairing) second bath..we replaced all the faucets in the house..anyway this morning the sound was loud...saw no leaks..I went out and turned off the heater(no water flowing in or out) and the sound it the water heater?? It is over 15 yrs old and I did notice a small leak coming from the cold water side(the pipe)help..and suggestions??

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