Re: any concern for legionnaire's bacterias for hot water return?
Posted by More on April 26, 2002 at 21:12:21:
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The bacteria you refer to breeds in dark, warm, moist air heaters, air conditioning systems, air handlers with condensate drip pans that provide plenty of air- not in water heaters that don't provide air. The bacteria are aerobic bacteria, the spores of which are dispersed in the air handler and pushed along through the duct system by forced air, and usually aren't life sustainable once they enter an open room and are exposed to sunlight, which is ultraviolet.

The hot water return line you are about to install will be connected at all ends,(not open to air anywhere), and will likely be returning water which is in motion and is at or near 100 degrees, which won't support breeding colonies of aerobic bacteria. If you do have lasting concerns, you can readily install an ultraviolet light box for less than $ 900.00 to provide increased protection for you and your family.

: The bacteria that cause legionnaire's disease live in water heaters that are not kept hot enough. Is there any concern that they can breed in a hot water return line? I am about to install a hot water return line and wonder if there is anything to worry about here.

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