Re: Frost free running below ground
Posted by More on April 26, 2002 at 21:01:58:
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Is there a shutoff valve for that branch of the line that will allow you to take it apart above ground without seeing Old Faithful? If the faucet valve seat is what is actually the problem, and you can hear water running, you would see water running too. If you can hear water running but can't see it the problem is more likely not the frost free faucet, but is the connection or Union in the supply line that is near the faucet. Where the water is standing is likely where the break is, and there you'll probably find another faucet just underground or a bent over branch of the line that got hit by a lawnmower years ago and rusted, but now it is leaking past the rust.

: for a couple of weeks I can hear a small amount of water running at the frost free faucet. this weekend I have noticed at the low end of my yard about 50 feet from the faucet there is water standing. could the faucet have the valve stuck open letting the water escape at the bottom of faucet. Can I take it apart and repair or will I need to replace the faucet down below the frost line.

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