Re: Can I use the floor drain for my shower?
Posted by More on April 26, 2002 at 20:53:39:
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We can only Hope that you intend to get a buliding permit for this installation. Go to the Dept. of Building and Safety and ask for a copy of the original plumbing permit, and see what size the sewer piping is, then ask the inspector if the additional fixture units are allowable within the building code for your area.

: I own a 1928 bungalow. About this time homebuilders started to include floor drains in the basement. My home has a toilet and sink in the basement. I would like to add a shower. 2 feet from where I would like to position the shower is the floor drain. Can I break up the concrete and add a shower drain / trap and connect it to my floor drain plumbing? Or is it against code /dangerous to do this? Thanks!

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