Re: Smelly water in certain areas of house only!
Posted by Kate on April 26, 2002 at 10:41:37:
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Just started having this problem after a leach field replacement; conculsion: the thing works so well now, it's siphoning off the water from the sink trap everytime the toilet is flushed. Temporary solution is simple (though it doesn't remove the problem): after flushing, just run some water into the sink to refill the trap. Odor disappears......

30 year old house, well water, irregular smelly water (rotten egg smell) in bathroom sink, basement/washing machine. Okay in kitchen and 1/2 bath off kitchen. I believe it's a common pipe where problem areas exist. We've had a new water heater and water softener installed. Even had annode replaced shortly after installation 6 months ago. Problem continues. Any ideas? Septic seeping? Bottom line, only certain areas are effected? We chlorinated also, with no lasting effect?

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