Can't get water to faucets?
Posted by George on April 26, 2002 at 09:16:48:
I shut the water off to my mother-in-law's trailer over the winter while she was gone so that I could shut off the furnace. Her trailer is higher than the pressure tank that is in an outside pit. Our home has rural water, she is using the well. I turned off the well and drained the pressure tank last November, leaving the well off until she returned last weekend. Now I have the well back on but the pressure tank is not filling. I found an air release on the top of it and let some air out but it made no difference. There is water at her hydrant next to her water heater, but her water heater is not filling. There is no water in the trailer except on the cold washing machine valve. The stool isn't filling and neither sink faucet works, nor does the shower. I am baffled.

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