Re: Installing plastic shower panels
Posted by hj on April 26, 2002 at 08:52:33:
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Follow the instructions on the tube of PL200. Usually you apply it to the surface, press the panel in place, pull it away to allow "tack" to form, and then press it in place. Be resigned to the possibility that no matter how you do it, the surround may come loose over time. I have seen very few of the thin ones that will remain intact for a long time.

: I've got a 3 pc. thin plastic shower surround (had it for years, no instructions anymore) - 2 side pcs and 1 molded corner piece. Shower is framed, sheetrocked, primed, painted and neo-angle base/door unit installed.
: Planning on using PL200 adhesive to adhere panels to walls. Better to apply in zig-zag, then use a taping knife to break the skin and level off the adhesive a bit?
: Do I place panel on adhesive, peel away, then restick, or just place panel and push?
: What to use for clean-up of PL200 on surface of plastic or painted wall?
: thanks.

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