Re: How 2 close leaking bottle trap junction
Posted by Gary Swart on April 25, 2002 at 12:34:22:
In response to Re: How 2 close leaking bottle trap junction
Not sure of your terms, but if you are says you put an extension tail from the basin into a Pee trap, we're on the same page. It could be leaking in either of 2 places. From the basin which should be put in with putty or from the connection(s) in the Pee trap. If it's the basin connection, it would be my guess you used too much putty. This is not a case where more is better. If it is in the Pee trap connections, and you used putty on those connections, that's the problem. Those screw together and seal with just the plastic gasket that came with the fitting. Remove the putty, slide it all together, and hand tighten. Sometimes a very little wrench pressure will be needed, but try hand tightening first.

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