Re: luxor american standard change in performance
Posted by hj on April 25, 2002 at 08:52:24:
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Do your toilets have the "box" that the fill valve float operates in? If so, then the rubber flapper strip on it is probably worn and is no longer allowing the tank to completely fill. Replace the flapper trip. If you do not have that "box" find a plumber that knows what it is and have him install the retrofit one.

: i have two american standard luxor toilets from 1970 that used to work great. in the last 2 years they clog much more easily and i am using the plunger much more.
: i had a plumber pass a closet auger and he didn't find an obstuction. we used to have hard water but we used a water softener. is ther someting else to look for as the cause of the poor performance. THANKS

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