Re: One Or Two P Traps? (A Law In Ca.?) ALSO....
Posted by hj on April 25, 2002 at 08:45:25:
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Theoretically, (because of flow past the second opening possibly creating a vacuum and breaking its trap seal), two traps ar discouraged if not prohibited. But that being said, When I install a three compartment sink, my preferred installation is to use a double "Y" and three traps. In fact there are cases where I use a double "Y" and two traps with a cleanout plug in the third opening. If the person telling you that you need a single trap is not someone with authority to make you change it, disregard his advice.
: : I was told yesterday that we NEED ONE P trap and not the two we have under the kitchen sink now (with a garbage disposal and dishwasher)....something about it being a *law in California....Is this true?? If I remember correctly>>We were also told we NEED an overflow....
: : We have had no problems with what we have now.....maybe the plumber was thinking of future problems we may have(?)
: : Thank You
: : PS..the sink,GD and Dishwasher are only about 1 year old

: I have 2 drains (2 sinks)..they form a "Y" then drain out 1 pipe to the sewer..

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