'instant hot water'
Posted by KEN on April 24, 2002 at 09:18:24:
want to install a return loop system in my hot water lines to allow hot water to be virtually instantaneously available to reduce the wait and the waste of water we are currently experiencing. Understand the basic hook-up, but saw a Nibco product called 'just right' that gets installed into the cold water inlet, where most info states you must go through the lowest point avbailable into the heater...being the drain valve port. I see by adding a nipple and a tee I can access the drain port, but felt I can tee into the incoming line more easily. Won't this take the 'return' water down the inlet tube and still give me the convection results I am looking for?
Rather than the Nibco product I was going to use a brass check valve to prevent flow in the wrong direction when there is a demand for hot water.
What do you reccommend?

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