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Posted by hj on April 22, 2002 at 22:43:32:
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The ejector is to make the flow work properly when the valve is used for a tub/shower combination. It should be removed if the valve is just going to be used for a tub or a shower. It is not likely that it melted unless the plumber got over enthusiatic with his torch.

: I've got a problem with water pressure from my Delta 2300 series pressure balancing shower. This is a two-handled unit, one for temperature control and the other for volume control. I have VERY good water pressure in my house; this is the only place the pressure is poor.

: It is NOT due to flow restrictor in the shower head - that seems to have somehow gotten removed :) ! Besides, if you totally take off the shower head, the water comes out the shower arm very slowly, almost a trickle!

: I've had a plumber check it thoroughly - he even went as far as removing the parts on either side of the assembly (i.e., under the left and right handles) and turned the water back on to see what kind of pressure it came out with. On either side, the water came out very forcefully - all the way to the back side of the shower! This told us that there was some type of blockage after the valve on the left side (volume control). The only thing this leaves is something called an "ejector" (delta part RP15565) which is inside the connector for the pipe leading to the shower arm, OR some type of blockage in the pipe leading to the shower arm. He tried to clear the pipe with an air compressor but no luck.

: I went out and bought another one of these Delta showers just so I could see what this "ejector" is. It is a white piece of plastic - looks similar to a flow restrictor. Is that it's function? The plumber's theory is that this was heated too much when the shower was installed and it melted (causing the blockage) or some debris got trapped in it. What is this for??? Can it be removed?

: Thank you!

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