Re: removal of vanity sink and disconnecting water supply
Posted by hj on April 22, 2002 at 08:53:46:
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The materials to do the solder job can cost less than a plumber. But when you factor in the time that it could take if the pipe has water in it, continually reworking the joint because expanding air keeps causing leaks in the joint, it may be better to call a plumber. I have had customers work on a solder joint all day long and then finally call me. It then takes about 30 seconds to make the joint. Calling a professional is not always about money.

: The drain can be capped with a screw-on cap. The pipes are another matter. I'll assume you have copper pipes. It's no problem to cut the pipes, a hacksaw or pipe cutter will do that, but capping is another problem. There needs to be a cap soldered on the line ends. That's not a high tech job, but one does need a torch,flux, and solder. However, give those basics, soldering is not difficult and there are plenty of adaquate instructions with torches. It would cost less to buy a torch, flux, and solder than to hire a plumber to do it.

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