Re: Removing a sink -- plumbing in foundation
Posted by hj on April 22, 2002 at 08:44:18:
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For the water pipes, the best thing is to find where they come from and cap them there. If you have multiple hot and cold water pipes at the sink then it is being used as a junction point and that will require special procedures to move them under the floor. That would require a plumber's services, unless you are an unusually adept do-it-yourselfer.

: I want to remodel the kitchen. I have a sink in an island with the water and drain connections coming from the foundation. Part of the remodel is to get rid of the sink in the middle of the kitchen (it is a small kitchen).

: Anyway, there is plumbing already on the wall where we want the sink moved to. How much should I expect, and what is involved with just capping off this connection? I need the foundation flush again. Can the pipes just be capped in the foundation and then the foundation patched? or do the pipes have to be "moved" to an accessable location?

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