New fiberglass shower stall
Posted by Earla on April 21, 2002 at 19:26:05:
Dear Terry,

My husband and I just installed a new 2 piece shower stall. One that has a top and bottom section. Where the lip on the front of the shower floor is, is about 3" in depth and to our shock has a hole in it. There's the facia, three inches of space (air) and then the facia on the inside of the shower.

There is no webbing behind the fiberglass like there is on the sides. It's hollow and just the thinest of fiberglass.

After reading about the person that has the 20 year old tub and the fact that re-fiberglassing it would only be temp.

This crack/hole is on the facia inside the shower. Should we take our losses and get a new shower stall or because it is on a vertical surface should we fiberglass it (putting that spray foam or somthing to give substance to the hollow area.) Or is the fiberglass going to be a temporary fix.


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