Re: Toilet Flange not level
Posted by hj on April 21, 2002 at 10:35:53:
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The pipe coming through the floor was installed crooked, so the flange is also not level. That is not a problem as long as the toilet does not touch the high side of the flange when it is installed. The corroded flange can be a problem since it has weakened and could break when you refasten the toilet to it. Replacing the flange can range from a simple installation of a repair ring to cutting off the old riser/elbow and installing a new one. How complex it is depends on your actual situation and your abilities if you try to fix it yourself.

: And of course the wax seal broke and the subfloor is rotted. Is it possible that a leak occured, rotted the wood, then the toilet tilted which in turn tilted the flange?

: 1) The flange is very corroded on top. Do I need to replace it? How?

: 2)Can I modify the subfloor level in the bowl area to match the flange tilt?

: Thanks a lot for your help.

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