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Posted by John Golec on April 21, 2002 at 09:26:20:
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: I have three identical Selles toilets in my house, two work well but the third seems to suffer from what I can only describe as a whirlpool problem - the flow of water coming in from the top right hand side is very weak therefore allowing the water from the left to create the whirlpool. Sometimes two or three flushes are required to clear the bowl. Can anybody offer any advice please.
Hi David
Just come across your query about inefficient flushing of the Selles toilet. I have one and found it to be very weak on flushing when first installed. I found that the problem was due to the polystyrene packing chips that were used for shipping purposes. A lot of them had got wedged up inside the rim and had hindered the flow. I used a wire coathanger to pull them all out.
I hope this helps. Do you know where I could get a replacement seat for these toilets ?? One of the seat cushions came off and continued use has now cracked the seat.
Cheers John

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