Re: Divert water from a jetted tub to a shower
Posted by Mike on April 21, 2002 at 00:24:47:
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: I just purchased a new house, and there is no shower in one of the bathrooms with a jetted tub. I have a couple of questions on how I might be able to install a shower:

: 1. The faucet for the shower is a little bit larger than most bathtubs, and it has no diverter. Do you have any suggestions on what product might externally connect (hose/shower head) to this? Its kind of hard without seeing the job. Most whirpool tubs are ment for bathing. So it depends on the set up that is there now. A divertore (hand held) can be installed if one doesn't exist allready. For the rest of your walls that are not tiled, a fiber glass tub kit might be used to cover the remaing walls that are not tiled. You just glue it to the sheet rock. The home centers carry these.

: 2. Tile only comes up about 12 inches on all sides of the tub. It's a big tub, so tiling the three walls surounding the tub would be very expensive. Is there a paint or something else that I might use to waterproof this are for use for a shower?

: That's it, thanks in advance for your help!

: Charlie

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