Re: Sewer gas and wax seals
Posted by Mike on April 20, 2002 at 23:55:34:
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: Easily. In fact, since the toilet's outlet is much smaller than the pipe it empties into, in many cases even leaving the wax ring out would not cause a leak, but it would allow the escape of sewer gases.

: : Need an answer soon before I rip out a new bathroom floor. A simple question. Can sewer gas come form a bad wax seal around the toilet without a water leak showing up on the floor. Thanks

well I first wanted to thank you for your answer. I changed out the seal but I am still getting the gas. The next thing is to pull the toilet back out and plug up all the drains in the bathroom and see if I get the gas. Can a toilet be checked for cracks other then looking at it. This is a new toilet. Thanks

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