Re: changing a shut-off valve to a faucet
Posted by edj on April 18, 2002 at 20:29:20:
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: I want to change a shut-off valve (which is right after my water meter) to a faucet for outside watering but keeping faucet in same place as the shut off valve. The shut off valve has a bubble in the line where I guess the shut off mechanism is. Is there perhaps a two-in-one faucet and shut off I can put in there???? As always looking for an easy way out. I pretty much know how to do lthe job - by shutting the water off before the meter. But really would like to adapt as mentioned above. Thanks for any information you or others may have.

There is no such thing that I have heard of.Do you not have room to solder a tee above the valve,or is that what you're trying to avoid?

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