Re: Watts 009 Backflow Valve
Posted by edj on April 18, 2002 at 20:14:20:
In response to Re: Watts 009 Backflow Valve
: I have a couple of Watts 009 Backflow Valves on my lawn irrigation system. One of them started spitting water out of the bottom when I started up the system this spring. There is currently no reason for this to happen (pressure is correct on the supply side). I'm about to buy the repair kit, but was wondering if I need to rebuild the relief valve assembly, the two check valves, or all three?

Have you taken the check valves out and inspected them? Sometimes a good cleaning is all they need. It sounds to me like a leaking check valve,and I would suspect that #1 check may be dirty.If you haven't taken the checks out before it can be tricky,the checks are made of plastic and can break rather easily,also watch the spring inside the checks,those buggers can fly a mile and are hard to find.

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