Re: Ever hear of a Pegasus brand faucet?
Posted by Kathy M. on April 18, 2002 at 16:08:57:
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: : : I was just looking at these fixtures last night. I have been trying to find a manufactuer's web page or any other info on the web. Also saw them at the Home Depot store but not on their website.

: : : Anyone have a website for Pegasus?

: : I don't have a website for them, but according to Home Depot it is an "up-scale" faucet made for them. The address shown on the Pegasus carton is an Atlanta address and is Home Depot's home office. I want to buy
: : these faucets somethin' awful because of their low price and list of features. These rate up with any of the others: dripless ceramic valve; solid brass construction; lifetime warranty; copper lines (?),
: : (copper something, I can't recall what). I can't get any information on Pegasus other than what Home Depot had to say. Fellow there said to return the product if there's a problem and they'll give you another
: : free of charge.

: : I looked at Moen and Delta DON'T say that their cartridges are ceramic. I think it's Delta who says is that they have washerless valves. Their label reads that they have stainless steel washers (or was it valves?
: : I'm no plumber, so am not familiar with all the terms. Soooo - Where does that put Moen and Delta? On their carton labels they don't say their products have CERAMIC valves (cartridges). Now Kohler's label does say
: : CERAMIC cartridge right on the box. I believe American Standard does too. Sooo it's easy for me to be persuaded that the Pegasus product offers a solid product.

: : I wish I knew more about them. I compared discounted prices at a builder's heating and plumbing store for Kohler brushed chrome faucets against the Pegasus faucets: Six Kohler bathroom fixtures: $1,162. Six Pegasus
: : fixtures: $752. Savings: $410.

: : I've tried and couldn't get any info on Pegasus there. There was negative comment posted on this site, but their opinion wasn't based on an experience with the product from what I could tell.
: : There was a second opinion by someone who said hot water kept coming out of their Pegasus faucet. WHAT!!?? Another comment was just that "she had gone out and bought one and she was very happy with it. I
: : wish this last person would post back her experience. HELP! Can anyone also tell me why plumbers are so against products like Pegasus? Now don't go on the defense. I just genuinely would like to know. . .

: : Signed - Unhappy in McHenry

: : If anyone else out there has any information, PLEEEASE post your experience. Who can blame me for wanting to save $410?

: : My name is Bill Maier I have been a Plumber in the Northwest for about 25 years. My Wife just came home from a ladies show and had picked up some brochures from the Home Depot table. In the brocher was a faucet from Pegasus and she asked me what it was. I told her I hadn't seen it before but would go on the internet and find out, thats when I came upon your nice fokes. From my experience places like the Home Depot are making deals with very large plumbing fixture manufacturers like Moen, American Standard, Kholer etc. And having these fixtures made exclusively for them by these companies with their own unique name. I see this happing more and more often. First the Pros: 1) Less expensive than the better known big named products. 2) I haven't seen one personaly but I have installed literally 10's of thousands of faucets over the years and curently do a lot of design and fixture recomendations for a lot of clients and it is probably a fine faucet. 3) It is a plesent looking faucet. Cons: 1) If you ever need to do repairs on this faucet and call a plumber or do it yourself - finding the parts you need will just about be impossible and you will have to bring it back to Home Depot and have it replaced in its entirety which will take more time and cost more money as compared to the service plumber who carries parts on his truck for the better known faucet companys. 2) Well made backed by Home depot and the faucet company both. Well, after 25 years of experience I could go on and on about plumbing but I got 5 kids and a beautiful wife that I need to get back to. So on a scale of 1-10, 10 being very good in all areas: looks, quality, price, servicabilty etc. I would rank these few faucets as follows.
: 10.
: 9. Kholer, American Standard
: 8.
: 7. Delta, Moen
: 6.
: 5. Price Pister
: 4.
: 3.
: 2.
: 1.
: When I design plumbing systems and fixtures for buildings I ask a lot of questions to the owner before I decide what fixture will work best for their aplication.

We have been in the plumbing business in midwestern Minnesota since 1980. We have sixteen field employees, half of them being plumbers. Two of our plumbers were installing a homeowners fixtures, today, and lo and behold some of them were Pegasus. They came back from the job and asked if we had ever heard of them. They commented that they looked nice but took twice as long to install...and forget about getting repair parts...Bill, obviously our plumbers, agree with you. The down and dirty is price isn't everything...better start looking at serviceability and convenience down the road...

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