Slow kitchen drain, been snaked
Posted by Mark on April 18, 2002 at 15:40:50:
I had a plumber out and he snaked the kitchen drain pipe and the point of cleanout in the basement. The sink still drains slow and he said the vent pipe was stopped up. He charged me for his work and left.
I have a small crank type of snake. I tried to snake from the rooftop vent for the kitchen sink. The cable reached a point that it would go no farther, 10 or 12 feet, when trying to screw it into the pipe, then I almost got it stuck, but it finally came back out. The house is 35 years old, ranch style, and has metal pipes.
The sink drains slowly and when the dishwasher drains, it backs up into the sink about 1/2", then slowly drains followed by a gurgle.
I have tried Liquid Plummer, not much help. I thought about the foaming liquid plumber. I also thought about trying the Liquid Plummer from the rooftop drain.

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