Re: Incinolet toilets--awful experience
Posted by Leo on April 18, 2002 at 11:46:59:
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: We were looking for an alternative to the typical water consuming toilet when we discovered Incinolet, a company that produces electric toilets. We were very excited that we had solved our problem. Unfortunately, the toilet has been nothing but problems right from the beginning. Their literature states it is odor free and practically maintainence free. This is not the case despite our following the instructions precisely. When we try to contact the company to resolve the problem, we are told, it is our fault and we must doing something wrong. The result? We finally gave up. We rarely use it and strongly advise others against buying one.

At one time in my career I worked for an electric public utility that installed an Incinolet toilet in one of their remote substations. Unfortunately the toilet was often used in haste without any attention being paid to the instructions until after one's "duty" had been performed. This convoluted approach toward reading the instructions after, as opposed to before, resulted in "honey dipping" by the facilities maintenance crew and a threat of disemboweling anyone caught using the Incinolet improperly. It turned into a very perverse laughing matter --- for all but the "honey dippers".

If you decide to install one, you may wish to post the critical operating instructions on large placards leading to the Incinolet --- much like the Burma Shave signs that adorned our highways many years ago. (If you are younger than 50, the last sentence will mean nothing to you.)

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