Re: Slipping handle - Mansfield Anti-Siphon outdoor faucet
Posted by edj on April 18, 2002 at 00:14:03:
In response to Re: Slipping handle - Mansfield Anti-Siphon outdoor faucet
: Looking for suggestions on how to repair a slipping handle on a Mansfield Anti-Siphon hydrant (faucet). Seems the screw has rusted so severe I am not able to get any grip on it to remove it. The handle now slips to the point that without a lot of manuevering it will not shut off the faucet.

If you've stripped the screw completly then it could be tough. If there is still somewhat of a slot left try a flatblade screwdriver that is wide enough to just fit into the opening to stop the screwdriver from slipping. Try Wd-40 or liquid wrench as well.If that didn't work my plan "b" would be to attempt to break the handle away from the screw (assuming it's plastic) allowing me to grip it with pliers,I've never had to do that and it probably sounds easier than it is. Plan "C" for me would be to replace the stem,assuming that the nut for the stem isn't under the handle.

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