Lavatory basin drain leak
Posted by Leo on April 17, 2002 at 23:57:43:
I installed a new lavatory pop-up drain in our bathroom sink and it leaks around the area that contacts the vitreous china bowl as well as around the threads on the tail-piece. I installed plumbers putty generously under the chrome besel ring (the part visible looking down into the bowl)and applied plumbers grease on the rubber washer that tightens from below in order to facilitate a good fit.

When I fill the basin and open the pop-up plunger, the water runs freely and I can not see any leaks. However, if I return in five minutes, I can see traces of water around the rubber washer, the flange nut and on the flange nut threads.

I have tightened the flange nut as tightly as I feel is prudent because I do not want to crack the china bowl.

I am about ready to remove and reinstall after gooping everything with silicon sealer as a last resort. I would appreciate anyone having had a similar problem sharing their "fix" with me. Silicon sealer seems like a sledge-hammer approach to a problem that requires finesse.

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