Re: Maytag MDB9150 drain hose problem??
Posted by Kevin Kelly on April 17, 2002 at 01:49:50:
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: Hi, I've just installed a new Maytag MDB9150 stainless interior dishwasher according to the instructions. The problem- cups come out dirty, with fine powdered food particles left behind on their inside, esp. the bottom. The "accordian style" drain hose, as supplied was very long, but the instructions specifically said not to cut it to length. Is this actually correct? it's attached to the disposal, with a loop about 5" higher than the attachment point, but at least two feet of extra hose lying around under the sink. Could something else be the problem?? Any help would be appreciated- thanks!

Our dishwasher has had a cleaning problem since shortly after it was installed (by a pro) over a year ago. Technician (Maytag--under warranty) comes out and cleans out the circular filter under the spray arm. Even minute particles of food get trapped in this filter and stay there. Eventually this blocks the water flow to the spray arms since this is the water circulation path. Soap dispenser isn't emptied by the water spray and dishes are left dirty. This even happens when we scrape everything off the dishes! Technician either didn't believe the dishes were scrapped thoroughly (even though food particles on filter weren't visible to naked eye except as small, indistinct particles the size of crumbs--at the largest), or dishwasher is defective and doesn't "self-clean" or handle dishes any dishwasher has been able to handle for the past 40 years. Anyone else with this problem & possible solution? (new dishwasher?)

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