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Posted by Casman on April 15, 2002 at 10:05:45:
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: My wife and I just bought a house, was built 1996. This is our 2nd week in it. We noticed our first day when running the hot water in the kitchen we had full pressure, and by the end of the day no longer had pressure, as if the faucet was clogged. We removed the filter on the sink and found small white particles. Since we were painting we assumed that it was paint.

: Fast forward 2 nights later when wife decided to try out her brand new garden tub. Few minutes of hot water, and we had white floating particles in the water. It looks almost like pieces of plastic, but i am able to pick it up, and it will crumble beneath my fingers.

: Fast forward to 1.5 weeks.. I decided i would drain some water from my hot water heater. I was unaware of having to turn off hot water first, but did let the thing drain for about 20 mins. A few times during the drain I would hear/see these particles come out. 2 days later I check my kitchen sink, and it still is getting these particles.

: My main questions is this: What are these particles, and how can i get rid of them. My wife is desperate to use her tub, and not the shower ;)

Sounds like the dip tube in your hot water heater is the problem...There was I believe a recall or this site for more info.

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