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Posted by More on April 14, 2002 at 23:23:48:
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Before you take too much apart, look at the shower head. It has a 1/2 inch pipe thread that screws onto the angle spout. Unscrew it and take the shower head off. Then turn on the shower. If water comes out of the 1/2 inch spout full force, then its a simple matter of backflushing the shower head to clean it, (or soak it three hours in vinegar it it is clogged with lime hard water scale). Then also look at the tub spout for an aerator screen and unscrew and clean that as well.

: We have a new two storey house. All the water pressures in 2 bathrooms, kitchen etc are fine except our en suite. All of the pressure has been excellent up until now. It take 1/2 hr to fill the bath and we barely get enough pressure for a shower. We have not changed any settings.
: Can anyone give me any suggestions ? Our en suite is at the top of the house and the pipes are enclosed.
: Thanks :)

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