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Posted by More on April 14, 2002 at 23:17:29:
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Before you try to pull it out from the counter, look at the spray arms inside. See the ends that have little knurled knobs? Those can be unscrewed and soaked in vinegar to clean them. While you have them off, encase them in tightly wrapped ZipLock bags and turn it on the wash cycle to see if the electric solenoid and inlet valve is working. If the Ziplock bags fill up right away, you probably only need to clean the jets and it'll be fine.

If you need to make more repairs look at the water supply line under the sink for an angle stop that supplys the dishwasher and shut that off, and an electrical plug (or a hard wired outlet that has individual circuit breaker) and disconnect power. Then look at the baseboard for the cabinets and you'll see where the dishwasher slides out. It might also be screwed to the under side of the counter. Slide it toward you making sure the water supply and electrical cables have enough slack.

: I'm looking to repair a dishwasher but I'm stuck at square one. How do you get to the guts (inlet valve) of the thing? Should I be looking for an access door? Do I pull the whole unit out from under the counter? If so, do I need to disconnect the plumbing or electrical lines first, or do they have enough slack in them to allow it o be moved? Thanks for any help.

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