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Posted by More on April 14, 2002 at 22:48:09:
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If this is a Major remodel, you DO have a Building and Safety inspector and you Do have a permit, RIGHT? Your inspector is who you need to satisfy for the 30 inch distance from the existing p-trap, but please remember that a year and a half from now when the drain clogs with soap, hair, and those skimpy, slippery, little rubber band hair things, you won't be able to simply unscrew the drain cover and clean the trap, because you will have buried it 30 inches away, rather than placing it close to the drain at this point.

: I am in the middle of a major bathroom remodel and have a couple of questions regarding use of the existing DWV lines that are there. I removed a shower stall and bidet and am installing a new shower stall and whirlpool tub. I wanted to use the existing 1 1/2" DVW from the bidet for the tub which is 30" from the drain location on the tub. It is all copper w/a P-trap on it. Can I connect to that using the existing trap or do I need to replace it with a trap under the tub?

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