Re: HELP!!! Toilet new or old please advise
Posted by More on April 14, 2002 at 22:18:18:
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If the tank is cracked, you can simply replace the tank only, and continue to use the existing commode toilet bowl, without much trouble. Most supply houses will sell you the tank only, with new flush valve, fill tube, and supply hose. If you want to use the friends toilet, you can do that too, if you are so inclined, and that will require the replacement of the wax ring at the floor mount flange.

: I need to replace an existing 50+ year old toilet due to a crack in the tank. I have looked at several models at the local Home Depot and Lowe's store and found only one model that was covered with a satisfactory rating. I did like the "Classic" model made by Crane , however I don't know if it will perform well ;-). Most of the toilet I saw looked very contemporary and just wouldn't look right in my house. Also a friend has a toilet that he removed from his house still in excellent condition and it has the old full size tank, should I consider installing it??? Thanks for any help in advance.

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