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Your question is a good and thoughtful one. The issue is that the sewer available to your house is not deep enough to allow gravity drainage of the floor drains in the basement, therefore a pump is needed to lift the basement water high enough to fall into the sewer at a point where it can fall by gravity. The fixtures that drain into the sump are far enough away that in order to provide the required one quarter inch fall per foot and allow the pipe invert to be above the nominal water line, would require the sump to be eighteen inches below the basement floor. That would mean that a service technician would be then required to drop head and shoulders below the basement floor to service the sump ejector pump, float limit switch and electrical wiring. The installers at your home elected to install the sump at a higher elevation than is correct, and therefore the invert gets submerged before the float rises to a level to start the pump and eliminate the waste from the sump. The water backs up into the pipe it is flowing out of as you have observed. Technically, this is not okay.The reason is because if there is a floating type material in the waste water (such as toilet paper, or newspaper that was on the floor and went into the drain, or animal hairs or feathers, they would be captured in the saturated outlet and become ensmared on any uneven joints, connections, bends, or obstructions.

Yes, you can adjust the float so that the pump comes on at six inches and shuts off at four or even two if the suction impeller cage will allow that level. That might cause the pump to cycle more often than you perfer though. If you just bought the house, and it is still under the one year warrantee, ask the sellers agent to have a LICENSED plumber evaluate the system and make it healthy and right, at no cost to you, for your satisfaction, before trying to adjust it yourself.

: Dear Sir:

: we have a submersible sump pump in our basement..there are 3 incoming drains that are from under our basement floor from 3 different sides that feed into the sump pit....there is one drain pipe that is only about 5 inches from the bottom of the sump pit....and this is the pipe 95% of the water comes into the pit when the water comes into the pit, it rises
: and then it begins to fill the drain pipe (kinda like backing up into the pipe the water is coming out) this ok? we are told that when enough
: pressure is built up (enough water in the pipe and pit) the pump will go on....but that means that the entire drain pipe has to fill and then its opening be covered with water in the pit until the float activates and turns on the sump pump. Is this going to be ok? part of me thinks the sump should drain before it backs up into this tile pipe but i don't know...should we adjust the float somehow (its a black thing that moves up and down a thin metal rod) so that it comes on at only 6 inches of water....right now it says it comes on around 9 inches and turns off at 4
: inches....i believe it is a Wayne CDU 800. just bought this house and not sure about this. we live in illinois and a sump is a must.
: thank you for your help.

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