main-line break
Posted by jimt on April 14, 2002 at 14:25:21:
My question has to do with replacing some pipe. I have dug down around where a hole in the clay pipe was in my main-line. What I have is about a 3 ft. section that has the bell end and the straight end. The bell end is broken off and completely free of the pipe it was connected to. And the one it was connected to seems o.k. I have chipped down the bad center piece to about half way. What remains is that bad center piece is connected into the bell of another good piece. How can I remove the piece from the bell end by either removing the mortar around the joint, or if I just continue to chip away at the bad piece, will it just fall out? I know I have to power snake or power flush, but after that, can I replace this piece with pvc connected into clay?
Thank you in advance.

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