Sewer Problems
Posted by Vince Susan Harden on April 13, 2002 at 12:26:17:
Thank you so much for your quick response. It is greatly appreciated.

What is, if anything, the tie in of the stand pipe to this sewer line? You were quite close in your estimation of our line to the city. It is just about 45-50'. Could an air lock in this stand pipe create this waste water from not draining?

To help clarify some of this for your better understanding, I will try to explain more of our situation.

The toilet plugged up. Our system has NO clean out. Upon inspection under the house to try figure out how to access the main line we discovered many " jerri- rigged " applications. The pipe coming down from the toilet at ground level had a 90 degree elbow. At this elbow, a hole was litterally made to accommodate the pipe for the basin water. Making this elbow now look like somewhat like a sanitary tee. The basin pipe is a galvanized 2" that they just stuck into this hole and then CEMENTED, CONCRETE CEMENT, around to seal. The tub/shower drain was done in the same fashion. These are the main reasons in our secision to replace everything with the correct pipe and fittings. Once we cleared away the area around the basin pipe to sewer pipe, we discovered the cement to be flaky and breaking away. As soon as my husband touched it it did in fact break away. Good and bad. Good was it allowed us a hole to run the power snake in a direct line out to the city line. Bad was, after the snake use was complete and the toilet began to drain, now we had a gaping hole in this sewer pipe. We plugged it with a rubber self expanding plug for the time being. My husband then dug up the sewer pipe under the house to the foundation, from the outside of the foundation to aproximately 10' into the yard. Upon this excavation is when he discovered the small hole, aproximately 2", in the sewer pipe. One more reason to replace everything. This sewer pipe continues to have standing water in it. Vince finished uncovering the pipe clear to our fence which only about 6-7' from where it connects into the city. We can see the pipe clearly, it does have the down hill slope as our repair manuals indicate it should. So theraredically, it should be draining. IT'S ALL DOWN HILL!!! So, this would, from what you are saying, indicate that we still have an obstruction somewhere. By the way, there are no trees or bushes in our yard to have problems from excessive roots. We have checked with the neighbor also to know the history of the yard, he's lived here for 40 years, nothing. So that is good at least?

We know we have to get it to drain. That was our main question. We do have help from a local repairman with the fitting and pipr replacement once we get to that point. It's draining that we are baffeled with.

Have I helped to explain the parts and set up a little better for your understanding? I sure hope so. Terry, we are so greatful that you take your time to have this web site and help people like us.

Oh, for what it's worth, Susan has 7 years of being employed at an Ace Hardware as the Building Materials Manager. We would consider her knowledge and understanding of the parts and pieces difinately in our favor.

Again, thank you for your time. We anxiously await your next response.

Vince & Susan Harden

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