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Posted by hj on April 12, 2002 at 22:46:07:
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There could be several reasons for the problem ranging from a poor installation, (although legal at the time the house was built), to a sluggish drain. Your snake may not be adequate for the job and if it is anything else, we cannot determine it from here.

: I have a 81 year old house, and I've just installed a garburator into the kitchen sink. This drain is shared with the laundry tub, and the clothes washer, which are in the basement. I've noticed that whenever I garburate potato skin the drain backs up into the laundry sink, but drains very slowly though. I've snaked (25ft) it from the clean out in the basement floor.

: Are there any products that can clean the drain of years of built up? (Don't say stop using the garburator!!) What does it mean when there is a gulping noise when draining? Will running a water hose do to flush out the drain pipe?

: Thank you,
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