Re: liner for sewer pipe?
Posted by RJ on April 12, 2002 at 07:06:25:
In response to Re: liner for sewer pipe?
: hi,
: my sewer was videoed and has several cracks where roots were getting in -- it would cost almost $7000 to dig up the yard and street to replace the pipe. i hear there's a liner that can be used without replacing the pipe, but would that just be temporary and could the roots get back in? i dont want to have to fix this twice. thanks for you help.

The liners are supposed to not allow root penetration. Not knowing your exact situation or seeing the video makes it hard to respond well, but just because roots have entered your line doesn't necessarily mean your line needs replaced. Since the camera was able to go through it means it must be fairly free of root masses at this time, meaning it was cleanable. Did the video show actual holes in the pipe or just cracks?

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