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Posted by jim on April 11, 2002 at 21:30:32:
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Yes, it is standard practice to use the rubber membrane in the shower pan. Generally it should go up at least 8", but the higher the better.
As far as the seat goes, generally they are slighty sloped away from the wall to promote proper drainage. Also Schluter (manufacturer) makes a product called Kerdi that is a thinner waterproofing membrane used for seat/curb waterproofing. Cover the seat and run it up the wall 6-8", like the pan membrane to prevent leakage. Hope this helps.: We are planning to have our ensuite bathroom redone. As part of the change
: the new shower will be enlarged to 3 by 5. It will be ceramic tiled with a
: seat across one side.

: Is it standard practice that the shower "pan" be rubber membrane?

: How far up the sides should it extend?

: I am a bit concerned about leakage down the wall behind the seat? How is
: such a seat/area near the seat constructed to ensure water damage does not
: occur?

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