Re: Shortening Pipes
Posted by Gary Swart on April 11, 2002 at 00:53:11:
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You will not hurt the hot water heater by shutting of the water supply. The tank will remain full of water. To cap off the copper there is only one way that I would recommend, and that is to sweat (solder) caps on the ends of the pipe where you cut it off. Sweating copper is not a high tech job, but you do have to have a propane torch, flux, and solder. You also have to be able to apply heat with the torch to the pipe end and cap so they will get hot enough to meld the solder so that it will flow into the joints. If you have to work in a small hole in the wall, you will be flirting with disaster. It's really easy to set a fire. Make the hole large enough so as to be able to get some pieces of sheet metal into the cavity to protect the walls and insulation for the torch flame. It's not much more difficult to patch a large hole than a small one. Get and read a good plumbing book on how to solder, get some pieces of pipe and a few fittings to practice soldering before getting into the real job. Your first joints will likely be butt ugly, but no matter as long as you have heated the joint sufficently and used flux, the solder will be in the joint doing its job. The outside appearance is not important.

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