Water Heater
Posted by Paul Gotelaere on April 10, 2002 at 16:33:06:
Hello: My Name Is Paul Gotelaere and i need some advice. I Have A cottage with a i guess you would call it a spacer saver 30 gallon water heater my water supply is well water and i m trying to get the rotten egg smell and be able to drink the water i have been told that if you remove the mercury tube thats inside the water heater that will take away the smell, but i can t budge the center threded cap i ve tried penitrating oil pipe wrench but i cant budge it.Or do you think i should get a whole house filter system and if so which filter would you reccomened my water heater is inside a small closet with limited room so a water softner would be hard to fit in that area Thanks Paul Gotelaere Sterling Heights Michigan

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