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Posted by rob k on April 09, 2002 at 19:31:34:
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The pipes to the first floor bath seem to have been installed later than the rest of the original plumbing, I'd guess. The toilet drain run is 3" copper, and it seems to be in very good shape. If I were to cut it to install a pvc tee and vent line, how do you go about joining the 2 different materials? Rubber sleeves and hose clamps? I really dont believe this pipe has any cracks or pores, as I said I can see where the pipe joins the toilet flange(pretty much) from underneath. Have you ever seen a wax ring leak sewer gas but not water when flushed? Im not much of a home plumber(but I'm learning) but I am a diesel mechanic so I have a lot of experience finding tiny fuel and air leaks, etc. Is there anyway for me to do some kind of smoke test?

: You havin g a 70 year old home, I am sure the pipes under the house have small microscopic cracks in it in which could be letting sewer gas escape and come through the floor. Venting is most likely the higher percentage of your problem though. If all else fails, get a smoke test done to see where that funky smell is coming from.

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